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Water Purifier Mombasa

Affordable Water Purification Systems For Business Of Any Size In Mombasa

You cannot control everything that occurs between the supply of your water & office. But you can take care of your employees, colleagues, guests and clients by offering them access to clean and great-tasting filtered water. Tap water may seem perfectly fine to your naked eye, but they contain a variety of unhealthy contaminants & impurities that can have an adverse effect on the wellbeing of your staff. This is where AquaVita’s advanced water purification systems came to picture by filtering hazardous substances from tap water.

We specialized in offering purified bottle-less office drinking water in Mombasa:

Don’t want to pay the hefty fee for office bottled water in Mombasa? You can trust on AquaVita as your one stop supplier of high-quality water purifier in Mombasa. Our PHSI bottle-less water purification coolers are perfect for office or business of any size. Whether you’ve a small office with 40 to 50 staff or a larger corporation with high volume drinking water needs, we’ve a water purifier solution to meet your exact needs. Our office water purification coolers will deliver freshly filtered drinking water that’s free from chlorine, lead and other hazardous impurities.

We offer Reverse Osmosis filtration system:

Some types of water need improved problem solving, like the technology we use in our Reverse Osmosis filtration system. Capable of removing impurities such as chloride, fluoride, sodium, and other hazardous impurities, our Reverse Osmosis systems feature point-of-entry installation that sorts outs water issues, many other water filters in Mombasa can’t.

We really feel proud of ourselves to offer the most affordable safe drinking water solutions to offices throughout Mombasa. We can bet that no other service can match our water purifier price in Mombasa.

Simply give us a chance to meet your workplace drinking water needs and we assure to serve beyond your expectations.