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Innovative water solutions
               to preserve our planet

Who We Serve?

Providing water purification services to industries including but not limited to:


Banks and other Financial Institutions

The AquaVita solution allows you to focus on running your business instead of worrying about drinking water. Eliminate the hassles of bottle delivery, storage, and changes and security implications. AquaVita 2-in-1 bottleless water appliance dispenses purified drinking water for all your office needs. Perfect for all your employee work space as well as your client meeting rooms and more.


Global Corporate and NGO Offices

Global corporate and NGO offices are choosing the AquaVita point-of-use water purification systems to completely satisfy their workplace and client waiting room needs. Sleek curvature, modern design and state-of-the-art technology perfectly fit with modern office aesthetics.


Fitness Centers

Activated Oxygen Injection increases oxygen levels in the water immediately following the injection process – keeping athletic center clients refreshed and revitalized after a hard workout. Large illuminated dispense area fits sports bottles and prevents germ contamination of the dispense nozzle.


Healthcare Offices

Our CleanContact anti-microbial technology infuses the touchpad and surrounding surfaces with an organic anti-microbial ingredient. The Pure Touch Dispense system features are designed to prevent cross-contamination of germs near the dispense nozzle.


Warehouse, Manufacturing and Logistics

Reduce costs and injuries while increasing productivity and efficiency. Our bottleless coolers feature spacious, lighted dispense areas to eliminate spills and keep areas slip-proof. Quick, easy access to a continuous drinking water source keeps employees hydrated and operating.