Aquavita has partnered with Daystar University for Green Week, a sustainability education campaign that takes place from February 22nd to February 24th. This is part of the continued partnership between the two organizations who are committed to tackling climate change.

Aquavita has been in partnership with Daystar to help reduce their plastic footprint as well as educate students on environmental issues. Through the initiative to go bottle-less Daystar has seen the elimination of  over 50,000 Kgs of Carbon Dioxide from the environment

Green Week will be an opportunity to reinforce the climate action mission of the two organizations particularly regarding environmental Stewardship.  “Green Week plays a strategic role in the pursuit of a greener, cleaner, and healthier Daystar Environment as well as contributing to the global needs and goals such as deforestation, climate actionable ending plastic pollution.” Said Jane K. Snow, CEO Aquavita. “It is an honor to work with an esteemed educational institution such as Daystar University and with students who are making proactive efforts towards Environmental conservation and preservation.”

During the Daystar Green Week, Daystar Environmental club will run off Campus clean-up exercises involving the entire community and campaign for a proper Integrated Solid Waste Management system from the county government. The club will also host panel discussions to engage, educate and train attendees on environment sustainability among other activities.

Besides working with Aquavita, Daystar Environmental Club has done a number of environmental sustainability practices. There has been the removal of asbestos roofing in the school, initiating of the energy-saving bulbs, planting of fruit trees for the students, planting a number of trees that led to the Love Park in the school where the land was empty and among many other conservation measures yet to come. Professor Laban Ayiro , the Vice-Chancellor, of Daystar University said,  “By engaging University students in simple efforts which make a difference to the environment, Green Week will impact future leadership  with practical ideas to conserve the environment which can be scaled up in future.” 

With the understanding of how important hydration is in the educational sector, Aquavita has provided Daystar with eco-friendly, safe, and cost-effective drinking water solutions. The solution entails connecting water purification units to the portable water system at Daystar. The water is then taken through a set of filters to eliminate any physical, chemical or biological content that may be harmful. It is then put through an ultra-violet purification process before being dispensed as either hot, cold or room temperature. “The Aquavita solution has eliminated the need to use plastic water bottles to provide access to drinking water at Daystar,” said Professor Laban Ayiro “we are grateful for this partnership and are happy about the impact the partnership has had on the environment thus far”