Switch to a bottleless water dispenser today

Ditch those heavy bottles and not only save money, time and energy but get an endless supply of fresh water with every dispense.

Spend Less. Get More.

AquaVita customers save 30-70% by switching to bottleless water cooler dispensers

You’re already paying your water utility bill, why pay to get water delivered?

With our service you get simple flat pricing no matter how much water you use. No complex ordering, no invoices to reconcile, no storage, just savings of up to 70% over bottled water delivery.

By switching to our bottleless water coolers, you’ll also stop paying for:

  • The production, recycling and dumping of plastic bottles (including landfill taxes)
  • Energy costs that go into the production of bottled water
  • Time spent counting how many bottles will be needed and ordering of the bottles
  • Storage of all those big bottles (full or empty)
  • Time spent taking the delivery of the bottles and sorting invoices.
  • Health and safety compensation claims of employees lifting the 48LBS bottles the wrong way

Total Convenience

Aquavita bottleless water cooler dispensers connect directly to your building’s water supply and purify it upon dispense to provide an unlimited supply of chilled water.

Your team can waste hours a month lifting and changing difficult, plastic water jugs, each time risking injury from the heavy lifting.

Ditch the distraction of water delivery and make your life easier with a point of use water cooler rental from Aquavita.

  • No lifting heavy bottles
  • No more storing of big water bottles
  • No accidental water spills
  • No interruptions of water delivery

Water that doesn’t cost the earth

Our colors are blue, but we’re always thinking green.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by 72%
  • Decrease your contribution to landfills
  • Reduce energy consumption with our Energy Star coolers
  • Take more delivery trucks off the road

Make the switch and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 72% and help save the environment.

All water coolers are not created equal

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your water is protected with:

  • Advanced filtration
  • UV purification
  • Antimicrobial protection, BioCote

99.9999% bacteria-free, 100% of the time – who else can give you that?

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