Upgrade the school water fountain to provide unlimited water

Keep your students and staff alert and functioning at their highest level by providing a bottleless water dispenser that keeps up with the water demands of academic life.

Advantages of the Aquavita school water fountain – Purity, lower costs and hassle free

When you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle and pushing alternatives to sugary drinks, Aquavita bottleless water coolers and sparkling water coolers are an essential tool.

Drinking plenty of clean, healthy water at school keeps students alert and functioning at their highest level as well as helps staff perform their best and our high-capacity bottleless water dispensers will stand up to the demands of the busiest educational institutions and the rigors of school and university life. Free access to cold, fresh water all day long lessens the attraction of sugar-filled cans. Drinking from a purified water cooler at school keeps the staff at their best, too.

With a fully certified range of bottleless water coolers to choose from, Aquavita has become a leading supplier of bottleless water coolers for:

  • Day Care Facilities
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

Learn why schools and businesses are choosing Aquavita

Our customers know that drinking from Aquavita’s purified water dispensers are simple to use, will give them the high capacity water dispenser they need, savings of up to 70%, the convenience of no more bottles, and the innovative technology that will provide students, faculty and staff with 99.9999% pure water.

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  • CleanContact™
  • blüV Protectiont
  • Filter Replacement Notification Light
  • Pure Touch Dispense
  • Dispense Area Light

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Transform your workplace with a Aquavita cooler

Aquavita’s success comes from the scientifically tried and trusted 3 step purification process.


The purification process begins by using a carbon filter, which remove any impurities in the water, removing nasty additives and odours from your drinking water. What is left is clean drinking water that contains essential minerals.

UV Technology

By positioning UV lights at the point of dispense, we purify the water as it leaves the system, ensuring your water is clean and distilled. The exclusive Firewall technology eliminates 99.9999% of germs 100% of the time.


The final line of defense is a silver additive called BioCote. This antimicrobial lines the outer surfaces of the dispenser. This further protects the systems from growing germs or bacteria and ensures your office water machine stays hygienic.