What does COVID- 19 mean for your office drinking water?

The emergence of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has created an unprecedented impact on the way we live and work. As the virus continues to spread across the world ,public life is increasingly shut down. While many organizations are moving to remote work, some companies are still working from the office due to the nature of their business.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no current evidence that coronaviruses are present in surface or groundwater sources or transmitted through contaminated drinking-water. However, the importance of staying hydrated to boost the immune system and  productivity for employees goes without saying.

In this regard, there is no higher priority for Aquavita than  the safety of our customers and employees while standing firm to provide the cleanest drinking water available.The following are the benefits of our bottleless solution  for your office during this unprecedented times

  1. Enhancing Social Distancing 

Unlike the conventional bottled water dispensers, Aquavita solution is seamlessly connected to your existing water supply ensuring that you have unlimited fresh water supply which reduces the number of supplier visits to your office. 

  1. Our coolers eliminate potential contamination  due to BioCote® 

BioCote® built-in antimicrobial protection restricts the growth of bacteria and mould around the dispensing area and filter, reducing the potential for cross-contamination and keeping the dispenser fresher and cleaner for longer. Although proven to reduce microbes by 99.5% within 2 hours, BioCote® is not tested or certified to eliminate coronavirus. We advise regular dispenser cleaning and sanitising with disinfectant spray or wipes, a strong focus on hand hygiene for all users, as well as following up-to-date guidance from government bodies and health authorities.

  1. Cut down on the cost 

In these challenging times, it pays—quite literally—for businesses to develop and execute a concrete plan for reducing costs in order to weather the storm. One of the key areas to do this is in water provision. Our solution guarantees a cost reduction of 30 -70% for businesses across EA.

  1. Save the environment 

We cannot afford to ignore the environment during this period. The life cycle of a plastic bottle creates a lot of carbon emission. By opting for plastic alternatives like Aquavita bottle-less solution, you reduce your carbon footprint by upto 72%

The fear of germs and viruses spreading is legitimate in today’s world, but it is a task Aquavita can help mitigate. As you institute preventative measures and safeguards for your team members, this type of technology should be part of that plan.