Aquavita Introduces Innovative Bottle-less Dispensers at Nairobi Women’s Hospital


Aquavita proudly announces the official launch of its revolutionary bottle-less dispensers at Nairobi Women’s Hospital. The unveiling took place today, showcasing a pivotal step towards sustainability and environmental consciousness in partnership with Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

The launch event, graced by the presence of  Nairobi Women’s Hospital Executive Director, Mr. Nara Krish and  Aquavita CEO, Ms. Jane K. Snow, marks a significant milestone in combating plastic pollution. By embracing the initiative to eliminate plastic bottles, Nairobi Women’s Hospital has underscored its commitment to environmental stewardship.


This joint endeavor yields remarkable environmental benefits, including the elimination of 29,340 18.9L plastic bottles annually. Moreover, it contributes to a substantial reduction of 3,281,916 kgs of CO2 emissions annually, reflecting a commendable 63% decrease in CO2 emissions from drinking water consumption.

Ms. Jane K. Snow, CEO of Aquavita, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Nairobi Women’s Hospital in this eco-conscious initiative. Together, we are not only transforming the way we access drinking water but also making a tangible difference in reducing our carbon footprint.”

Mr. Nara Krish, Executive Director of Nairobi Women’s Hospital, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the hospital’s dedication to sustainability. “As an institution committed to holistic wellness, we recognize the importance of environmental responsibility. By adopting Aquavita’s bottle-less dispensers, we are taking a proactive stance towards preserving our planet for future generations,” Mr. Krish remarked.

Aquavita and Nairobi Women’s Hospital invite individuals and organizations alike to join them in this sustainability journey by embracing bottle-less solutions and championing environmental conservation.