Aquavita Is Here To Change The Concept Of Drinking Water- Forever In Nairobi!

As a businessman, you must agree that your employees are the greatest resource that you have. Can you imagine a situation if one day all of them fall sick due to drinking contaminated water? Yes, exactly this can happen if you are still depending on kitchen tap or bottled water as a source of drinking water in your establishment in Nairobi. If you wish that such a situation does not ever arise you must have to choose Innovative water solutions at your premise. Installing a Water Cooler Dispenser at Home Office worth as Water Purifier can be coming with a pocket-friendly price in Nairobi.

Why have our services –

Yes, that is a very prudent question to arise in your mind. When can you locate so many suppliers of water purifiers in Nairobi, why you should be with us? The features that we have incorporated in our services are the very reason for us is different from the others and us to be the one with whom you should be to have the best source of purified water.

  • As you are with us you will have the means of having purified water in a dependable, cost-efficient, and environment-friendly manner.
  • You do not need to have any separate water line to which our AquaVita water purifier will need to be fitted. It can directly be fitted to the existing water line you have.
  • As you have our water purifier you can expect to have the best quality water which tastes good and is totally bacteria-free.
  • You will reduce office expenditure by having our products as you can cartel the cost of having bottled drinking water which is neither fresh nor oxygenated as the water that you will have now.
  • It is a commitment from us that you will save about 50% of the cost of having purified water when you have our water purifiers in Nairobi.
  • PHSI’s state-of-the-art Pure Water Technology is multistage filtration process to give you the best water source free from all impurities and permissible TDS standard
  • The product is quality controlled by Kenya Bureau of Standards, WQA Gold Seal, Underwriters Laboratories, NFS / ANSI-58, NFS / ANSI-53 &42, ISO 14001 & 9001, Energy Star, CE

So, definitely, you can understand now that how much beneficial it is to have our AquaVita water purifier rather than following the older method of bottled drinking water.

You may be thinking how Aquavita coolers, Aquavita RO system make possible to have such high quality purified water.The experience we have in following the most modern technological innovation makes us possible to offer you such quality of safe water for drinking. Aquavita coolers, Aquavita RO Water dispensing units eliminate hazardous chemicals, bacteria, to make the water healthy to your commercial establishments.

The uniqueness of our Offer –

For your commercial space like Hospitals, Education units, Factory or shopping malls, AquaVita Water Cooler Dispenser can be a right fit as we offer an all-inclusive workplace drinking water program that works better with your budget as you get all the services and filter. This is a feature which is very rare in other water filters that you will find in Nairobi. So, if you wish to have such AquaVita water purifier at the best Water Purifier Price Nairobi and have dependable, cost-efficient, and environment-friendly water then you must contact AquaVita by calling at +255 222296270 or +254 (0) 202396841.You can also contact us by sending an e-mail at