Aquavita RO Water Purifier The best investment for health and wellbeing of your family

Reverse Osmosis purified water is theperfectsource for safe, ultraclean water at your residence or at your office. In the home, at the office, or in the factory you look for fresh clean water. The consumption of water vary place to place; in a beverage factory, the demand can be huge whereas in a home it is very less.  The RO Water purifier can be a part of your residence, office, acommunity not the regular water cans. Let see why?

Extended Usage –

Aquavita RO Water purifier gives you an extended support for clean water as one-time installation can manage to clean not less than ten thousand gallons of water.  Reverse Osmosis purified water is perfect for every situation of making a twinkling ice cube to a smart coffee.

Many others in your extended family and household will get the benefitslike fish in the aquarium, pets, potplants, cut flowers, steam irons and humidifiers mostly maintain a long life too if water is clean and has right PH level.

Safe Drinking Water at amuch Lower price –

The traditional bottled water market in Kenya is thriving with sales estimated at KShs.12 billion per year and over 100 brands in the market, it also shows that there is a consumer demand for high-quality drinking water and an opportunity to get quality water at amuch lower price by using an Aquavita RO Water purifier.

Pure Water Ecological Factors in Mombasa –

Mombasa’s mean rainfall stayssomewhere in between 950 m to 1225 mm. Geographically, this is a coastal lowland with extensive flat areas rising gently from 8 meters above sea level to 100 meters above sea level in the west.Mombasa district has no permanent rivers, but due to the favorable geology of some parts of the district, the water table is high and the sinking of boreholes and wells has led to the increased supply of water. But look at the growth and demand by a 44% increase in populationin every census which shows a population over665,018.The Mombasa District heavily depends on water sources from outside the district for its potable needs. Its main sources of water supply are the Mzima Spring, BarichoWaterworks and Marere boreholes mainly supplying the Likoni area and the groundwater quality is not good due to contamination primarily due to the use of on-site sewage disposal systems, in particular, pit latrines and septic tank / soak pit systems. In such a case it is wise to use Aquavita RO Water purifier to stay safe and healthy and fit irrespective where you are.

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