Avoid Bottled Water for Good and here is why

Bottled water is an ecological catastrophe. Taking a readily accessible resource and putting it in a shaky bottle turns it into a pricy good which sells at nearly at 2,000 times more than its actual price. Moreover a lot of us depend on bottled water for our well being.Yes, water is the best thing that you can ever drink, but bottled water is certainly not the best way to do so. In this post, we will highlight a few reasons why you should stop considering bottled water in Mombasanow.

Bottled water is tap water in a bottled :

Yes, that is right. Quite often bottled water is merely tap water – sometimes it is purified andfiltered; sometimes it isn’t. Why should you pay hundreds of shillingsfor water that comes directly from the tap? At least, when you drink water from your own tap, you generally know what is in your city’s water, and can filter it out before consumption. But there are no labels whatsoever on bottled water that guides you to what’s in the city water dispensed in a bottle.

Consumers are exposed to hazardous chemicals:

If you are think that your water contains chemical, then you’re wrong! Plastic bottles contain a chemical named Bisphenol (BPA), which can mix with the water quickly as soon as it gets in touch with the plastic. Several clinical studies have shown that BPA exposure can prompt a variety of health problems & can cause havoc on your hormone level as well. It’s actually up to the consumers to keep themselves safe by avoiding bottled water in Mombasa.

Lack of recycling:

Though the amount of plastic bottles recycled in the United States has grown since 1990, the real recycling rate remains stable at around 27%. And what if you reside in a region that does have standard recycling services? Whether the service subsists or not, four billion bottles end up in waste every year – and that is too much-unneeded plastic!

Bottled water harms the environment badly:

According to a report, nearly 2.5 million plastic bottles are discarded every hour in the US. Just visualize how that large amount contributes to increasing landfills and also the ever-growing plastic whirlpool in the Pacific Ocean.

Drinking water from your kitchen in a cup creates little waste with respect to the atmosphere. But if you consume all your everyday water from bottles, just visualize how fast that’d add up.

So, it’s time to give up bottled water in Mombasa and adopt a healthier drinking solution offered by AQUAVITA. Our innovative water filter solution surpasses your expectation by not just eradicating the environmental impact of bottled water, but by offering you with safer, fresher and better-tasting drinking water.