CIC Insurance Group Goes Green with Aquavita

CIC Insurance Group, having made a commitment to contribute towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has partnered with Aquavita to ensure good health and well -being of their customers and employees, through the provision of clean water and deliberate initiatives to protect the environment. Both companies have a regional presence and have been at the forefront of environmental conservation. On its part, CIC has over the years partnered with like-minded organizations in tree planting exercises across the country through Ushirika, which is driven by cooperatives. The company employees have gone a step further joining other members of Upper Hill District Association in voluntary clean-up exercises within the area.

Aquavita has provided CIC with an eco-friendly, safe and cost-effective workplace drinking water solution. The solution entails connecting water purification units to the portable water system which is then taken through a set of filters to eliminate any physical, chemical or biological content that may be harmful. It is then put through an ultra-violet purification process before being dispensed. This solution eliminates the need to use plastic water bottles at the workplace.

The new technology is bound to radically shift how organizations manage the provision of drinking water at the workplace. It ensures customers have access to drinking water without interacting with plastic bottles, thus reducing their carbon footprint by up to 72%. For CIC, this initiative has reduced the amount of carbon emissions into the environment by 120 tonnes monthly. Carbon emission is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through the production and transportation of plastic bottles. The technology has also saved the eco-system about 9 million joules of energy for every liter of water consumed. This is enough energy to power 90 Thousand, 100-Watts light bulbs. In addition, CIC’s employees have access to water that is 99.9999% pure. The company has invested in BPA-free water bottles for its staff and customers. BPA (bisphenol-a) is a chemical used to make plastics whose exposure can affect the brain among other health issues. Lastly, CIC will enjoy cost savings on drinking water of about 30%. annually

Speaking during the signing of the partnership deal, CIC Group CEO Mr Tom Gitogo said as a leading cooperatives enterprise, CIC is keen on environmental conservation.

“Through the International Cooperatives Alliance (ICA), we have a commitment to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The more organizations do this, the better environment we have to bequeath our children”, said Mr. Gitogo. 

His sentiments were echoed by Aquavita Limited Group CEO Mrs. Jane Snow, who noted that the company aligns itself to organizations promoting sustainability initiatives to reduce carbon emission.

“Ours is an awareness creation role and championing of environmental conservation through organizations’ employees, who then take the message to their communities”, said Mrs. Jane Snow.

This technology is a shot in the arm for the Government, which recently banned the use of plastic bags. It is instructive that plastics have a significant threat to life. They degrade very slowly meaning they persist in the environment for several decades so the damage to the environment is long-lasting. Their low density makes them floatable. Coupled with long durability, they travel long distances, finding paths into the oceans and rivers. They are also potential vectors for microbes and non-native species.

The technology has been first rolled out at the CIC Group head office before being replicated in other countries in the region, where the company has a footprint.