How East African Hotels are Benefiting from Going Green

To respond to the growing consumer environmental concerns, the hotel industry has started to implement a wide spectrum of green practices. These practices include; implementation of alternative energy sources, doing away with single-use plastics, supporting sustainable businesses among others. To further assist in the environmental sustainability agenda, most hotels have now set up sustainability departments to help guide and shed knowledge on green initiatives and green buying decisions. Here are just some of the benefits these hotels are enjoying just by making the green move:

  • Lower Costs

A significant economic benefit of going green is that it helps lower costs and save money. For example, the use of renewable energy helps reduce energy consumption which in turn helps save money used on electricity bills. Another example is  that by phasing out plastic bottles for reusable  options, hotels are now reducing their cost by up to 50%

  • Competitive advantage

There is a link between ‘green’ and the perception of ‘higher quality’. In other words, customers see green hotels as better hotels, and even in some cases as more luxurious. The implementation of green concepts also gives hotel owners and operators recognition as industry leaders by environmental organizations. 

  • Customer Loyalty

Going green can also help organizations attract and keep customers since a growing number of people are willing to support businesses that care about Sustainable Development Goals. People love to think they are making a conscious choice, especially if it is easily made for them by you as a hotel. 

Savvy travelers are now easily able to differentiate which hotels are looking to save the earth and those that are merely looking to save on cash.   Aquavita has been very privileged to work with some of the hotels keen on sustainability across the East African region. These hotels include; Sarova, Serena (Tanzania & Kenya) , Movenpick, Best Western hotel  among others. The hotels are committed to cutting down on plastic by installing Aquavita’s bottle-less water dispensers.