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3 Health Risks – Bottled Water May Bring To You

While keeping yourself hydrated is vital to your overall wellbeing, that bottled water found in your office or carry bag may be doing more harm than good. Here is what you need to know about the health risks of bottled water and why you should avoid using them:

1. Hormone disturbance & fertility:

In both men & women, hormones are the most vital component when it comes to fertility. While anatomical issues can also steer to infertility, hormone problems and other associated conditions such as endometriosis are most frequently linked to weakened fertility. Plastics are known to be the leading hormone disruptors that can transmit mixed signals, making some reproductive hormones to be created in excess amount & leading to insufficiencies on others. Both men and women are vulnerable to this, and in both genders, excessive estrogens can be the main offender in decreasing capability to conceive.

2. Increased risk of cancer:

Cancer impacts men & women, young & old, and different organs, cells, tissues. But researchers persist to account that the boost in estrogenic chemicals, such as BPA & other plastic substances, has contributed not just to breast cancer, but also prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

3. Toxicity Load:

BPA & other plastic contaminants have been found in urine and blood, widely flowing all through the human body. The toxicity load that piles up over many years of exposure can have an effect on all organs & body systems, but human liver is the main filtering organs that sieves the blood and the kidneys sieves the urine.

When you intake a beverage that’s stored in a plastic bottle, you are also consuming what the bottle is made of. Even water can leak compounds from the bottles, particularly if it has been opened to heat or kept for a longer period of time. In fact, reusable plastic bottles are prone to the same issues, if they are cleaned or dried in hot temperature or are employed for hot drinks, like tea or coffee.


Chemicals found in plastic water bottles can have a dramatic impact on hormone relay, cellular well-being, and particular organs & body systems that can start before birth and continue impacting future wellbeing for the rest of a person’s life, including future offspring. Considering all these harmful effects, it is better to look for an alternative to bottled water sooner than later.

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