Water and your workforce: Five steps toward a healthier team

Savvy employers realize that employees who stay hydrated are healthier and more productive. Workers who routinely get their recommended daily intake of water enjoy significant advantages:

Improved mood   Studies show that dehydration can affect your state of mind. Drinking enough water will (literally) put your employees in a better mood, making collaboration easier.

  • Greater focus   Dehydration can impair your attention span, memory, and motor skills. Drinking the right amount of water enables your team to maintain those key attributes of productivity.
  • Brain health   Dehydration causes shrinkage of brain tissue. Without enough water, our brains must work harder to perform at the same level.
  • Long-term health   Drinking more water offers a whole range of health benefits:  maintaining a healthy weight, regulated digestion, improved kidney function, reducing consumption of sugary drinks, and more.

Great, right? But there’s a problem: employees will only realize these benefits if they actually drink two liters of water per day — and that can be a big challenge.

So, what can you do to encourage your team to drink enough water — and take advantage of all the health and productivity benefits? Here are a few ideas:

Awareness    While most people generally understand that “drinking water is good for you,” many don’t realize some of the specific benefits gained by consuming the right amount of water every day —especially the cognitive benefits. Have a meeting to explain these advantages to your employees — and to describe steps you are taking as an employer to help every member of your team drink enough water every workday:  a ready supply of pure water, signage with reminders, group activities (see below) and others.

Convenience    Employees will drink more water if they have easy access to a clean, cold supply.   Consider various locations for water purifying systems that keep hydration top of mind — and access to great-tasting water nearby.  Another key:  set regular intervals for a water breaks —a great reminder for your team to get up, stretch their legs — and stay hydrated.

Taste   People are more likely to drink water that tastes good. Basic tap water can vary in taste depending on where you live, and bottled water takes up valuable fridge space and creates an environmental hazard — 22 billion plastic bottles are discarded every year. The right water purification system offers superior taste without the waste. Every Pure Water Technology system filters and oxygenates every drop of water – giving your team consistently delicious water.

Quality    Employers have numerous options for providing water to employees, but not all are created equal. Poorly designed and improperly maintained filter systems can actually increase contamination levels and generate high levels of bacteria that can make you sick. Bottle water coolers also open the door to germs and illness. A state-of-the-art water purification system eliminates those drawbacks and delivers pure, clean water time and again — a sound foundation for an effective employee hydration program.

Want your employees to gain the huge advantages of simply drinking water? Take the first, simple step:  Learn more about why water purification systems deliver the most value.

Next, consider a one-week trial and see how your employees react. It costs nothing, but in the long run it could be a key to boosting employee wellness and productivity.