The Power of UV Water Purification

Ultraviolet water purification is one of the most effective forms of water treatment as it destroys the DNA of bacteria before reaching your glass, leaving clean pure H2O.

Your drinking water supply can become contaminated with organic and inorganic substances as a result of old infrastructure or natural contamination on transit to your tap. UV technology can help protect against this problem.

The Advantages of UV Water Purifiers

Bacteria Protection

To sterilize drinking water and remove unwanted bacteria in your water treatment systems, a lamp is placed at the center of the water tank. Waterlogic have designed our water tank and UV lamp to provide the highest purification possible.

Safe, Reliable & Easy to Use

All that is required is a UV lamp, which is low cost, easy to maintain and can treat millions of litres of water day and night, without the need to use any chemicals. Once installed it is only required to be replaced every 6 months.

Eco Friendly

UV is much kinder to the environment compared to alternative purification methods. It uses low amounts of electric to operate, requires no chemicals such as chlorine disinfection and has no harmful by-products.

UV Water Filter Options Available

How does UV light kill bacteria?

Water that sits in the tank receives powerful doses of UV, breaking down bacteria and leaving behind pure water. We also place a UV sensor on selected models which triggers an alarm if the lamp fails, ensuring you’re always protected. Each UV lamp is housed in a quartz sleeve to help maintain maximum operating temperature and avoid any possibility of touching the water itself.

Firewall™ purification at the point of dispense

Unlike traditional UV protection, Firewall™ is the only water purification technology recognized by The Water Health Organization to deliver 99.9999% protection against bacteria before the water lands into your glass.