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Water Purifier Nairobi

Give Your Office Staff Access to Bottleless Drinking Water In Nairobi

What’s the employer supposed to offer his staff in terms of drinking water? Is drinking water from the kitchen sink tap acceptable? Is bottled drinking water safe for the wellbeing of your employees? The answer is definitely “No” to all those above-mentioned questions.

Your employees are the most precious resources for your business and they must be supplied with purified drinking water to maintain their wellbeing. And that’s what we do at AquaVita. Since our introduction, we have emphasized one one thing: offering workplaces with the most purified office drinking water in Nairobi at a pocket-friendly price. With us, you will have a dependable, cost-efficient, and environment-friendly drinking water solution 24×7.

Bottleless office drinking water in Nairobi:

Yes, that is right! No more inconvenient and unsanitary bottles throughout your office! We offer state-of-the-art water purifier unit that hooks directly into your present culinary waterline: providing a practically endless resource of tasty and bacteria-free water to your staff & customers. Our AquaVita PHSI bottle-less water purification coolers are the most efficient way to offer fresh & oxygenated drinking water in your workplace. So, you no longer need to depend on the services that offer expensive office bottled water in Nairobi.

Enjoy purified water & better saving by using our advanced water purifier in Nairobi:

Our consumers can save as much as 50 percent vs bottled water delivery expenses. With us, you will pay just pennies per day for an endless supply of clean and fresh water at your workplace. That is because our water filtration system distils your building’s water on site – like a small water purification plant for your workplace. You will pay one affordable monthly rental fee for your bottle-less water cooler, and eradicate costly & wasteful bottled water delivery.

Don’t hesitate to check out our competitive water purifier price in Nairobi. For any help, feel free to contact us at +254 (0) 202396841!